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It's Been Awhile...

So, it's probably been close to a year since I last updated. Quite a bit has happened.

I don't really know what I want to write here. I just want to start journaling again. This is a start.

PS - I'm going to see Harry & the Potters in May with Ashley. My first of hopefully many Wrock shows!
It' been almost two weeks since I finished Deathly Hallows. I feel an empty void inside of me.

Harry's saga is over. My adolescence is over. It's been 9 years since I first heard about this amazing, best-selling children's book about the orphan who found out he was a wizard. I can't believe I was 9 years old when I was first seduced by the magical halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry. Back then, I'd never really read any chapter books except for the Wayside School trilogy, The Phantom Tollbooth, and The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe. At a whopping 309 pages, it was by far the longest book I'd ever thought about reading. I look at my old copy of Sorcerer's Stone, and it's in horrible shape. The entire spine is cracked and breaking off, the jacket is torn and scratched in a most offending way, and my sloppy handwriting serves as a blemish on the inside cover where I wrote "this book belongs to: the O'Gradys" in silver gel pen. This book is my deepest treasure.

Unfortunately, I have completely lost my copies of both Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban, probably because I'd take the Harry Potter books with me everywhere. The lucky thing is that I know I'd read each at least 3 times before they'd gone missing. My original copy of Goblet of Fire is, of course, literally in pieces because my stupid 12-year-old self had thought reading in the midst of a torrential downpour was a good idea. 3 books that I need to buy (in hardcover to match their siblings.) Order of the Pheonix is in surprisingly good shape. I did only read it twice, so that may be the explanation. It also does have plenty of bulk to protect itself. Half-Blood Prince looks okay, especially considering I read it 7 1/2 times. But I did my best to keep excellent care of it. The main problem is that the last couple of chapters are wrinkled and soaked from the hundreds of tears shed over poor Dumbledore's death.

And now Deathly hallows joins the party. Still fresh, barely two weeks old. It's been read through twice already. A third time is coming soon, as I plan on reading the entire series over again. But I have a feeling that within the years to come, Hallows will be just as beat as little old Stone, perhaps even moreso.

I can't wait to share these books with my children.

Confucius Say...

I hart Crellie. <3

Anyway, lately I've been in a state of perpetual confusion. I don't know why, but I'm lost about everything. I just want to sit and relax for once.

Tomorrow I'm opening Cinemark, which means I have to be awake by 9, which is nuts because I won't be ome until midnight tonight because I'm closing. Pfft, way to think ahead, Cinemark. But this weekend I did get to step in and watch parts of Knocked Up, Ocean's 13, and Silver Surfer. Can't wait until I actually get my PASSES so I can see movies for free. Also, note to self: Remember to request off for Saturday and June 10 and 20. SOON.

Anyway, gotta go get ready for work tonight. Peace.
This past weekend was okay. Mom and Dad went to Massachusettes for their 25 anniversary. I had my first 15 hours of work at Cinemark. Everyone there is super nice and I love the job. Can't wait until I start getting my passes -- we get 2 everyday we work and each is good for a free movie. This weekend I'm actually going to have to close. :(

Went to the music banquet last night which was really fun. Really nice to see everyone again, plus dancing's always fun. Only today I was super sore. Monday we went to Great Adventure and I almost died on Kingda Ka and then started blacking out on Scream Machine. I should hydrate myself better.

Nothing else to report I guess.

"Jay And Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh?"

I'M WORKING AT CINEMARK! Free Movies, bitch!

Plus today I bought a DVD of all the Degrassi: NG episodes Kevin Smith guested in. It's called "Jay and Silent Bob do Degrassi" and I'm soopah excited to watch!

PS -- About all that business with the anorexic legs....I didn't really mean eating disorder limbs, but just slim and not muscular and all manly. But thanks for the cyber cookies! :D

"Wake Me Up Before You Go Go"

So it's been forever.

Threw a surprise party for Miss Kimberly. She was very confused and that made me happy! :D But yeah, it was a lot of fun. We played racism which was crazy cool.

Went to Highland on Wednesday and saw my Sophomore Posse! Am possibly going to Warped Tour and/or Spring Awakening if I can save enough money. I'm going to the music banquet and am really excited for it. Stupid T decided that the one day I'd visit he wouldn't be there....stupid head....

Am currently in possession of about $70 because I babysat last Saturday and shredded papers for 6 hours (seriously, six hours of sitting there and shredding - the only breaks were to take the garbage bags to the dumpster) so am v. v. happy for the extra moneys.

Have been watching Degrassi on The N for hours and hours each weekend night. So happy I get that channel now! That show is so bad, but so fucking good! Craig Manning is my TV boyfriend, even if he does repeatedly cheat on his girlfriends and is currently in rehab for coke addiction and is bipolar. He plays guitar!

I had an interview at Cinemark on Friday. I really hope I get the job, because hello? Free movies! All frickin' summer! I was gonna go see either Knocked Up or Spider-Man 3 with Caitlin and Kelly yesterday, but I'll wait to see if I got the job first so I can at least save money. But I wanna see Knocked Up sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!

Been walking a lot and dieting lately, but I'm not losing any weight. It's not fair. I give up soda and snacks and walk somewhere between 6-10 miles a day only to have my calves get bigger. And yeah, it's with muscle, but I don't want manly legs, I want skinny, anorexic-but-healthier legs. I fucking hate this.


In 19 hours and 15 minutes, the Heroes season finale will hit.

And I will splooge myself.

"Home...Home Again"

Hmm. I'm home.

Moving out was a lot sadder than I thought. It's just weird to think that I'll do this only 3 more times. And faces are going to change. Some I'll never see again will become those I've never seen before. It's not like high school where everyone just kinda passes by regularly and even when they leave, it's not for good. Well, not everyone anyway. But I may never see some of this year's seniors ever in my life. That's....odd. Never again...

Kelly's graduating tomorrow. I wonder what's gonna happen to her life after grad school. Will she find her calling? Will she ever move out? Will she find a new boyfriend? What about Caitlin? Or Annie? What's gonna happen to me in the next few years?



So I'm done. Freshman year. It's all over.


2 finals down, 3 to go.


Fixed my schedule for next semester. Gonna be a bitching time! I'm taking TV Production which is taught by Slade! So I'll finally get to meet him for serious and get a chnce to make him my advisor. Which is good, cause I don't know if Mian's having a fun time advising me on which Comm classes to take when all he knows is physics.

Found an awesome song by Wally Wingert and the Caped Club. Obscure and cult-ish as all fuck, but I suggest you all look it up. It's called "Adam West." ;D